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Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic - 30 Days SMMA

Here’s Exactly What You Are Going to Accomplish With 30 Day SMMA

★ WEEK 1: Get (and Keep) Your First Client 
*How to Make Competition IRRELEVANT by Picking the Right Niche 
*Our Proven Step-by-Step System for Reaching Out to Businesses and Getting 
 Them to Give You a Shot 
*How to Get ANY Business to Say YES Over the Phone… Even If You’ve Never Sold 
 a Thing Before 
*How to Create a PROFITABLE Facebook Ad in 10 Minutes

★ WEEK 2: Run Your Agency Efficiently and Scale to $10K With Ease 
*How to Get Businesses to Pay You for 3 Months Upfront 
*How to Process Payments  
*How to Become a Master Salesman (Even If You Are an Introvert) With Our Proven Scripts, Exercises, and Negotiating Tricks 
*How to Use LinkedIn to Get New Clients at Will 

★ WEEK 3: Advanced Outreach Strategies to Land BIG Clients 
*The BEST Way to Reach Out to Businesses and Close Even Faster (Only for Serious Students) 
*The World's Easiest Place to Get BIG Paying Clients (That No One Talks About) 
*How to Stay Organized so You Don’t Get Lost in All Those Leads 
*How to Follow Up With Potential Clients and Close Even Those Who Initially Said NO

★ WEEK 4: Grow Your Agency to $1.000.000 and Above by Working Less 
*The Scaling Strategy That Took Us From $10,000 to $1,000,000+ in 53 Days 
*How to Automate Your Business and Make EVEN MORE Money by Working Way Less (A Couple Hours a Day) 
*How to Get a Professional High-Ticket Closer to Close Deas for You 
*Countless Expert Tips on How to Optimize Every Step of the Process and Get

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