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Justin Mamis – How to Buy

A new foreword by the author in 2001 brings a new perspective to the original How to Buy. This book compliments Mamis’ When to Sell by providing a concrete path to reaping profits in the stock market year by year. How to Buy’s chapters include information on:

  • Safe times to buy
  • How to pick a stock that’s about ready to move up
  • Exactly when to buy (what day and hour)
  • How to check out rumors and recommendations
  • Market action indicators
  • Basic buying strategy

From the Foreword:

When we opened up the original edition of How to Buy and saw at the outset the phrase, the market fluctuates, we knew that the book did not need to be rewritten. Not only does the stock market still fluctuate, but it does so in the same manner as it ever did... all of the talks about volatility and all of the manic technology swings of recent years being just remarkable extensions of such fluctuations. The manner in which the market does fluctuate, and how such fluctuations should be understood, seems more timeless than we would have believed in our youth just as valid in coping with the manic rises and subsequent bubble burstings as when the market was relatively calmer. It still takes just as long to make a top, or a bottom (which is the basis for this book) as it ever did... . Contrary opinion has been, is, and always will be the important stance.


Justin Mamis was senior vice president and chief market technician at Hancock Institutional Equity Services in New York and now publishes his own institutional market letters.

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